Beatrix Potter Themed Quilts
The traditional Beatrix Potter fabrics are sadly no longer in print and are therefore very difficult to obtain. When I do manage to find some, they are extremely expensive and I am reluctant to buy them as this cost has to be passed on to the client.
There are some new Beatrix Potter fabrics that have been printed in the last year 

but as you can see, have limited characters.
I do have a small amount of the original fabrics in stock.
However, I can get your favourite characters printed for you!
These prints are 100% machine washable (tried and tested!!)
Please see quilts 22 and 23 below ~ with matching curtains and accessories, which have been made using these prints.
You choose who you want ~ and I can send you photos of all that are available to help you decide!

2222 : Cushion Cover
2324 ~ Curtains25 ~ Blanket26 ~ Cushion cover

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